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Valery Shmelev
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    Android Java Repository - ready-made Java projects, classes and methods for Java programmers for Android devices. Also some projects on PHP.
    Custom programming for data encryption on Android. This greatly improves the reliability of processing and the security of storing critical data. Your programs will not have typical vulnerabilities.
    If you use typical business software, then it has typical vulnerabilities. Encrypting data using asymmetric algorithms significantly increases the security of data when custom encryption and encrypted storage.
    Encryption can also be used to protect software. For example internal links. This makes it impossible to analyze the operation of the software if the system is hacked.

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    JAVA Programmer
    The repository contains open source Java code that works. You can use it in your programs, get advice, support, order Java code modification, invite a Java programmer to the team.
    The repository contains not only projects, but also individual modules (classes and methods) from which you can create interesting applications.
    A programmer with a large number of ready-made Java modules can save a lot of time and money when developing Android Studio projects.
    Data protection
    Hackers routinely obtain data about firms' clients. This is not pleasant and can ruin the business. However, if the stolen data is encrypted using a strong military-grade algorithm, then nothing can be done with such data. Therefore, you should send data from the client smartphone to the server in encrypted form and write it to the database without decryption.
    But you can say that hackers can access the server and use the available software to decode the data. As if they are company employees or a server administrator. But for employees, nothing but the last name of the client's name is deciphered. Address, phone, email, purchase and payment history, card numbers - everything remains encrypted.
    Private Key
    But hackers can get the private key and decrypt the data, you say. But you can obfuscation the encryption keys, make it invalid, and generally remove it from the server. You just need to know how to do it.
    This is very important when you use cloud storage or rented servers in Data Centers. A database backup can be lost, stolen or copied.
    But if the data is encrypted with an additional strong algorithm, you will be much safer for your business.
    It is clear that Android examples and Java code in GitHUB only show areas of interest in programming, but in no way reflect the programmer's creativity.
    Custom encryption systems installed in addition to standard protection systems make it much more difficult to analyze the code, data and logic of your software.
    National alphabets
    To support national alphabets (NA) during encryption, it is necessary to transform texts. Java code is also developed for this. The same transformation can be used for obfuscation as well.
    This Java code allows you to store texts in any language in the database. Encrypt and decrypt.
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    Android SQLite
    Examples from Android SQLite. First, a simple Java code. Then we will add more SQLite requests, then we will add data encryption. Then we will export the database.
    A ready-made application for working with a SQLite database and with RSA encryption of record fields, generating, saving, restoring, exporting and importing encryption keys, editing, paging, adding records, supporting encryption of large texts, exporting and importing a database.
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    This is a great base for your Android Java applications with a high degree of readiness.

    Previous professions: Assembler, PHP, HTML, VB6 programmer, network engineer, engineer for control and orientation systems of an orbital space station.

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PYTHON Machine learning
    This is a project of Me. Also, let me say in advance that most of files in this repository are stored here just as the first example of our work. It was written using numpy and pytorch and this file doesn't affect our main program.
    Here are given three folders: rnn, selam and tasks. Let's define what each of them is dedicated for:
    rnn - this folder store the major part of our work, thus you can find code of the NN (and their saved states) and the important file with settings there
    selam - store the bash script which allow you to quickly generate data to train NN using SELAM generator
    tasks - mainly store .sbatch files which are used to run programs using SLURM
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